Wear Resistance in Steel Making

Slag granulation system breaker box

Slag Granulation System Breaker Box

(Fabricated and ceramic lined by Omegaslate)

1830mm long x 750mm wide x 700mm high, manufactured from 16mm thick 316 quality stainless steel, and lined with 50mm, 25mm and 13mm thick 95% alumina ceramic tiles. The ceramic lining system is welded and bonded to the stainless steel.

Slag Granulation Bend

(Fabricated and ceramic lined by Omegaslate)

Fabricated from 12mm thick mild steel, and lined with 25mm thick tongue and grooved weldable tiles.

Slag granulation bend
Coal injection bends

Coal Injection Bends

(Fabricated and ceramic lined by Omegaslate)

95% Alumina ceramic lined.

Blast Furnace Distribution Chute

(Ceramic lined by Omegaslate)

Lined with 100mm thick 95% alumina ceramic, bonded in position with a 1800 degrees centigrade refractory cement system.

Blast furnace distribution chute

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