Wear Resistant Pumps

Pump impeller

These photographs show a 250mm reaction bonded silicon carbide pump impeller. The whole internal surfaces of the pump body can be protected from wear and corrosion with alumina or reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramic castings.

Omegaslate will accept your worn out, or new, pump bodies and refurbish them using the most suitable advanced ceramics technology available to provide a long lasting and extremely cost effective solution to your pump wear problems.

Advanced ceramics pump lining systems and components are extremely wear and corrosion resistant. Engineering grade reaction bonded silicon carbides can outlast cast iron in the most abrasive environments by a factor of approximately 200 times. In less abrasive environments, 95% alumina ceramics can outlast cast iron by a factor of approximately 30 times.

Pump impeller
50mm NB centrifugal pump

Pumps can be modified and upgraded to include alumina ceramic or reaction bonded silicon carbide liners. The metallic pump cases are split in two or three pieces, the ceramic components inserted before the pump casing is rewelded.

These two pictures show a 50mm nominal bore centrifugal pump handling a silica sand slurry.

95% Alumina ceramic and RBSiC are unaffected by most corrosive acids and chemicals.

50mm NB centrifugal pump
Piston transfer pump

Piston transfer pumps can be upgraded to include advanced ceramic components to protect against severe abrasion and/or corrosion. The original pump components are utilised as far as possible, but it is normally necessary to manufacture a new cylinder to accept the ceramic liner.

The pump shown is used to transfer a very abrasive paste from a 200 litre barrel. With nylon seals, the hardened steel components need replacing at two week intervals. The ceramic lined pumps last many times longer.

The piston ring is manufactured from diamond ground alumina ceramic, as is the cylinder bore liner, and the piston rod is protected with a reaction bonded silicon carbide sleeve.

Piston transfer pump

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