Rotary Valves

Wear and Corrosion Resistant Systems for Valves

Ceramic lined rotary valve

Lower Operating Costs

Omegaslate's advanced ceramic SuperSeal lining system is used to protect the wear surfaces of the rotary valve and achieves between 10 and 20 times greater wear life than can be obtained from flame sprayed tungsten carbide coatings. Flame sprayed tungsten carbide coatings can increase the wear life of an unprotected cast iron rotary valve by approximately 2.5 times in extreme abrasive environments.

We have had ceramic lined rotary valves returned to us after 5 years continuous operation for a 0.015" regrind, when before ceramic lining they were wearing out in 4 to 8 weeks.

Valve Refurbishment

Worn out and often discarded rotary valves are received by our valve refurbishment centre from national and international organisations involved in the extraction and processing of bulk minerals and metals. Rotary valves can be successfully refurbished regardless of the condition in which they are received, even when the valve body has completely worn through.

It is normal for the SuperSeal lining systems to give many years of continuous operating life to valves that might otherwise wear out in a few weeks.

Ceramic lined rotary valve
Ceramic lined rotary valve

Precision Ceramic Lining System

Valve Body: A 6mm or 10mm thick alumina or reaction bonded silicon carbide advanced ceramic castings are bonded into the valve body, with a high performance fully flexible adhesive, and fully diamond ground to provide a very accurate wear and corrosion resistant low friction lining system.

The diamond ground ceramic rotor bore lining system is mechanically secured and bonded in position and protected against impact damage with steel impact protection devices.

End Plates: The valve end plates, on valves with open valve rotors, are fitted with 6mm thick diamond ground lining systems.

Stuffing Box Seals: Diamond ground ceramic tubes are used to protect the section of the rotor shaft that rotate in the stuffing boxes.

Rotor Bore: The ceramic SuperSeal lining system fitted to the rotor bore can be reground between 10 and 20 times before the system needs to be replaced.

Ceramic lined rotary valve
Ceramic lined rotary valve

Rotor Shaft and Vanes: The outside diameter and length of the vanes are usally reduced to accommodate the ceramic lining system. Open vaned rotors are fitted with 135mm diameter by 6mm thick diamond ground ceramic secondary rotary seals.

Closed vane rotors are fitted with 6mm or 12mm wide diamond ground ceramic primary rotary seals.

Rotor vanes are fitted with adjustable hardened steel sealing blades. Due to the low friction properties of the lining system, the hardened steel sealing blades last many times longer than they would in an unlined cast iron rotor bore.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Vane Sealing Blades

Adjustable sintered tungsten carbide vane sealing blades are supplied when a high degree of wear resistance and minimum running clearances are required. 95% alumina ceramic will wear four times faster on the rotor, than it will on stationary surfaces like the valve bore and end plates.

A fine grained reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramic is used where maximum wear resistance is required.

Rotary valve blades
Rotary valve blade

Alumina Ceramic Vane Sealing Blades

Non-adjustable 95% alumina ceramic vane sealing blades can be supplied, if required.

Alumina ceramic blades are used when longer lasting vane seals are required. Alumina ceramic sealing blades will last longer than hardened steel, but not longer than sintered tungsten carbide sealing blades.

Stuffing Box Seals

Contra rotating reaction bonded silicon carbide air purge seals can be fitted to the rotor shaft stuffing boxes in place of original stainless steel versions. RBSiC purge seals can have a wear life of up to 200 times that of stainless steel and are virtually maintenance free.

Rotary valve blades

Omegaslate's SuperSeal systems are used to protect against the abrasive and corrosive effects of cements, cast iron swarf, pearite, manganese oxide, lime, iron ores, silica sands, mill scale, coke dust, coal slurry, titanium dioxide and other pigments.

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