Omegaslate (UK) Limited

Cost effective, long life solutions to problems of aggressive wear and corrosion in materials handling.

Omegaslate (UK) Limited are designers, suppliers and installers of high performance wear and chemical resistant lining systems, components and associated products.

We operate throughout the UK, supplying worldwide, and have a longstanding record of success in reducing maintenance costs through the solution of difficult and expensive abrasive wear, metal contamination, oxidisation and chemical erosion problems.

Our wear and chemical resistant high alumina ceramics and refractory lining systems will operate at temperatures of up to 1250 degrees centigrade, and can exhibit a wear resistance capability up to 60 times greater than that of mild steel, and 10 times greater than that of cast basalt, ni-hard or hard faced plate.

Alumina ceramic lining systems can dramatically reduce maintenance costs associated with the operation of plant and equipment in abrasive or corrosive environments.

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