Gas Scrubbing

Wear Resistant Lime Turbine Atomising Disc

Lime turbine disc

Assembled Lime Turbine Disc

The Lime Turbine Disc is 430mm diameter, manufactured in titanium and fitted with wear and corrosion resistant reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramic components.

The Lime Turbine Disc rotates at 6000 rpm and is used as a method of atomising lime milk as part of a flue gas desulpherisation process.

Closer View of the Lime Turbine Disc

A lime milk is fed in to the centre of the reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramic wear chamber. Centrifugal force pushes the milk through 18 X 8.5mm bore reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramic nozzles, arranged equi-distant around the periphery of the titanium disc. As the milk exits the nozzles under pressure, the liquid atomises.

Lime turbine disc
Lime turbine disc

The Wear Resistant Ceramic Wear Chamber

Prior to the adoption of ceramic wear chambers, stainless steel wear chambers were used. Stainless steel wear chambers needed to be replaced every 2 to 3 weeks, due to heavy wear.

Improved Performance

The 18 X 8.5mm bore reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramic atomising nozzles are replaced after 2 years service.

The ceramic atomising nozzles and the "one-piece" ceramic wear chamber are bonded in to the titaium disc with a high performance, fully flexible, adhesive system.

Lime turbine disc

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