Plastic Extruders


Highly Wear Resistant Extruder Barrels and Barrel Liners

Plastics extruder barrels and extruder screws suffer from extreme wear when mineral fillers such as quartz are added to the plastic.

OmegaSlate SuperSeal Systems Limited use one of the hardest materials available, apart from diamond, to dramatically reduce the rate of wear in plastic extruder barrels.

RBSC/10/C is a engineering grade silicon carbide ceramic that has a hardness rating of 3000 to 3500 Vickers, a thermal conductivity rating of 150 Wm-1 K-1 and a compressive strength of 2000MPa.

Quartz can have a hardness rating of 1100 Vickers (the hardness of a good 95% alumina ceramic is around 1100 Vickers). The material selected to combat wear caused by the handling and processing of hard minerals should have a far greater hardness than that of the quartz.


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