Ceramic Linings for Coal Chutes

This series of photographs show a 1200mm wide conveyor belt feeding a 500 tonne anthracite coal bunker via a 95% alumina ceramic tile lined head chute and two spiral chutes.

The ceramic lining system was boned onto the prepared steel work and over the steel patches, with Omega EP30 fully flexible epoxy resin adhesive.

Head chute with worn steel liner plates fitted Head chute with alumina ceramic lining fitted
This is the 1500mm wide head chute with the worn steel liner plates fitted. This is the 1500mm wide head chute with a 50mm thick 95% alumina ceramic lining fitted.
First section of the spiral chute Patched condition of spiral chute prior to lining
This is the first section of the spiral chute feeding into the 500 tonne capacity bunker. This is the patched condition of the spiral chute surface prior to ceramic lining.
Coal flowing down head chute and spiral chute First section of spiral chute 6 months after lining
This is the coal flowing a full capacity down the head chute and through the first section of the spiral chute. This is the first section of the spiral chute, photographed 6 months after installation of the ceramic lining system.
Lump of rock lining system has to handle Larger rock which has passed through spiral chute
This shows a 1000mm long x 750mm wide x 250mm thick lump of rock, which is typical of the rock size that the ceramic lining system has to handle. This is a larger rock sitting on top of the coal in the 500 tonne bunker, which had passed through the spiral chute.

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